How to Communicate Willfora to Your Donors

All registered Canadian charities are searchable to users creating Wills on, and charities can benefit from the service by offering it as one of many options for donors to create or update their Wills. 

While the charities we work with can take advantage of customized experiences and real-time gift insights, we believe that all Canadian charities regardless of their size should be able to benefit from the platform. Since the service is completely free, we recommend that charities consider including alongside other planned giving resources, such as sample bequest language, to potentially save donors thousands of dollars in their journey of creating a Will. 

Here’s just a sample of the language you can use when communicating the service to donors:

"Willfora is Canada's first completely FREE service to allow anyone to create or update their Will in a secure and simple online format. As a free alternative to hiring a lawyer, Willfora was created in an effort to prompt Canadians to consider leaving a charitable gift to a cause that’s important to them, while potentially saving thousands of dollars in the process. Willfora also offers unlimited updates and simple instructions on how to sign off and store an up-to-date Will. If you are considering leaving a gift to _______, you can search for us in the charitable giving section of the Will. Leaving a gift is not mandatory but we appreciate any consideration that helps us on our mission.” 

In case donors have questions about creating their Wills for free, here are some frequently asked questions about the service:

Is my Will truly free?

Yes. This service is for people with a simple family and financial situation. There may be cases where a Will generated online is not a fit. If you need legal advice or complex legal drafting, please contact a licensed lawyer.

How does it work?

Simply click Start my Will above and follow the step-by-step guide to generate a personalized Will. Your progress is always saved so you can come back and edit your documents.

How will any gifts I leave to the charity be used?

If you decide to leave a gift to a charity in your Will, when your future donation is received, the charity will use it towards the needs at that time to make the biggest impact on your behalf.

What if I change my mind on decisions I made in my Will?

Not a problem! Your Will is yours to update and modify. Depending on how you create your Will through Willfora, you can simply update your Will online or take your Will to a lawyer to be modified.

Willfora is Canada’s only Will-writing platform purpose-built for legacy giving and a technology start-up supported by the Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University.