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With Willfora, your charity can use a low-effort solution to predictably grow legacy gifts and increase visibility into gifts that can otherwise remain unknown.


Willfora is trusted by top nonprofits across Canada


We have peace-of-mind knowing that we can offer our loyal donors an easy solution to creating their legacy through will-writing, conveniently when they need it, all year long. It gives them a huge benefit - which they’ll never forget - and allows us to focus on stewardship in other ways.

Christina Beeston

Planned Giving Manager, Children Believe

We saw an immediate impact of working with the team and even secured a nearly $200K future gift within only a few months of introducing it to our donors! A gift this size can be transformational to a charity like ours, and we likely would have never known about it.

Melissa Secord

Executive Director, Canadian Celiac Association

Happy service team

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Digitize & Simplify Legacy Giving

Task management

Intent to Commitment

Offer your donors a hassle-free, tailored experience to tag donors and prompt for a gift on your organization’s behalf.


Real-Time Insights

Our secure dashboard gives your charity unparalleled insights and stewardship opportunities.


Resources and Tracking

Use our wide range of how-to documents, templates, and playbooks to create low-effort legacy giving campaigns, with industry standard UTM tracking.

The Polygon app at work

Create a seamless experience for donors to leave gifts to your charity with custom prompts embedded in the Will-creation experience.


Unlock new generosity.



Total value of gifts facilitated to charities.


Value of the largest residual gift left to a charity.


FAQ: For Charities

  • What organizations can benefit?

    Any charity that’s looking to increase gifts in Wills and offer a hassle-free solution to help supporters create Wills. Some examples are nonprofit organizations, hospital foundations, universities and colleges, churches, as well as support service organizations with associated foundations.

  • Is donor information secure and private?

    Yes! Willfora employs bank-grade encryption between your donor’s browser and our servers so their data is secure while using the app. Our databases are encrypted at-rest and are not accessible directly from the open web.

    We do not sell any data or contact information. All data collected on Willfora.com is housed in Canada, and none of that data is used for any purpose other than to notify partnered charities that gifts have been left to their organizations. 

    If a donor supports a charity, they can opt in to be connected with the charity to share their gift, so the charity can thank them and work to ensure the gift is honoured to the best of the donor’s intentions.

    Donors also have the right to be forgotten, where they can email us to request that data be deleted from our servers if they no longer wish to use the service. If you want to read further, see our privacy policy.

  • What’s the difference between Willfora and other online Will providers?

    Willfora is purpose-build for legacy giving and exists for and because of charities, where our charity partners allow us to keep the service free to the user. Instead of paying between $100 and $250, donors from your charity can start their estate planning journey with us for free.


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