Willfora is the “Last Mile of Legacy Giving”.

The action of creating or updating a Will can often span over years at a time. While a large percentage of individuals and couples intend on having an up-to-date Will, the perceived complexity and lack of urgency has led only 30% of Canadians to do so. 

While hiring a lawyer has traditionally been the most popular way of creating a Will, online solutions have recently been able to serve a large portion of the population with simple Wills while offering large cost savings. With the recent pandemic, online options have become a go-to option for a quick, secure and socially distanced way to create or update a Will. 

As a free alternative to hiring a lawyer or using a paid online Will provider, Willfora’s free service was created in an effort to prompt Canadians to consider leaving a charitable gift to a cause that’s important to them. Willfora also offers free and unlimited updates, and easy instructions on how to sign off and store an up-to-date Will.  

Our message to Will-creators is that it’s your Will, but it’s also your legacy that matters to future generations to come. In 2021, we hope to achieve a run rate of facilitating $100M in donations to charities from Canadians creating Wills on Willfora.com.