Willfora Partners With YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington & Brantford

by Matt Renzoni in February 21st, 2022

Willfora is thrilled to announce our partnership with YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington & Brantford, who work to help each member of their community achieve personal growth in spirit, mind, and body. We’re so proud to be supporting this charity on their mission to create a vibrant and healthy community where everyone belongs and has the opportunity to reach their full potential!

Leaving a legacy through YMCA HBB

Legacy gifts are a powerful way to create change and carry on a legacy of hope for a better world even after your lifetime. Legacy gifts can be left through a fixed amount called a cash gift, or as a portion of your estate called a residual gift. By leaving a legacy gift through YMCA HBB, you’ll help them tackle the broad determinants of health in the communities they serve such as social isolation, academic achievement gaps, and affordable housing. 

How can legacy gifts help YMCA HBB and similar organizations?

A study by the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP) found that only about 5% of Canadians currently leave a gift to charity in their Will, but just a 3.5% increase in that number will provide an additional $40 billion to Canadian charities. Since Willfora launched, we’ve raised nearly $50 million for Canadian charities, and your legacy gift will help ensure that YMCA HBB continues to provide their resources, programs, and support to all members of their community. Charities also love to plan for the future, and legacy gifts are an important way for them to predictably grow and provide a greater impact for their cause.

How can you leave a legacy with YMCA HBB?

Since Willfora is a free service made possible by the support of charities like YMCA HBB, we hope you will consider supporting a charity of your choosing with a gift in your Will.

You can leave a legacy through YMCA HBB in two ways. The easiest place to start and learn more about the impact of legacy gifts is on their fundraising page. Once you’re ready to create your free Will, you can visit them via Willfora to get started.

If you’ve already started creating a Will with Willfora, you can find YMCA HBB simply by searching for them in the dropdown menu on the “Leave a Legacy” section of your free Will.

We also encourage you to share your intentions with the charities you’ve chosen to leave a legacy gift through. By doing this, charities can thank you for your gift and ensure your requests can be fulfilled.

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